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2017 Tree Collecting Grants Awarded

Quercus havardii collected during a 2016 funded project. (Photo courtesy Sean Hoban, The Morton Arboretum)

We are pleased to announce that four collaborative projects have been awarded funding this year through our Association’s Tree Gene Conservation Partnership with the US Forest Service. These scouting and collecting trips target the following threatened species in the wild: Quercus oglethorpensis in Mississippi and Louisiana, Quercus arkansana and Aesculus parviflora from the Coastal Plain, Ochrosia kauaiensis in Hawaii, and Quercus acerifolia endemic to four counties in Arkansas. 

The American Public Gardens Association is proud to announce the launch of a Special Issue of Public Garden.

special issue

This issue focuses on plant collections and Plant Collections Network, a flagship program of the Association. Read the below introduction letter from Plant Collections Network Manager, Pam Allenstein, to learn more about the program and the Special Issue.

Plant Collections Network announces Standards of Excellence Project

Plant Collections Network is leading our public gardens community in developing standards of excellence for plant collections management. Our aim is to make these widely accessible and promote best practices throughout public gardens.

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