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Plant Collections Toolbox

Beyond Lists & Labels: Integrating Data for Curation & Research
Digitization, integration, and optimization of collections data can pay dividends across the board from management efficiency to innovative research activity. Unfortunately, this data often...
Plant Collections Network Introduction
Plant Collections Network Manager, Pam Allenstein, provides an overview of the Plant Collections Network. 
Invasive Plant Species Voluntary Codes of Conduct for Botanic Gardens & Arboreta
This document provides a voluntary code of conduct regarding the management of invasive plant species. Learn how to conduct an institution-wide review examining all departments and activities that...
Plant Collections Network Application Process
Learn about the Plant Collections Network application process. Those considering applying are strongly encouraged to contact the Plant Collections Network Manager, Pam Allenstein, to discuss the...
Benchmarking Collections Case Study, Orchids
Why Benchmark Plant Collections? Compare your collection with others Define your collection’s scope Verify what’s special, unique, common Use results to make decisions –...
Understanding the Fundamentals: Collections Overview
What is a plant collection? Like objects in a museum, plants that are documented and labeled can be part of a public garden’s living collection. This Powerpoint presentation, by Plant...
Code of Ethics for Curators
The Curators Committee of the American Association of Museums (CurCom) first developed A Code of Ethics for Curators in 1983 and revised the document in 1996. Recognizing that museums and museum work...
Collections Planning Links
These links connect to the following collections planning resources: 1. Curatorial Practices for Botanical Gardens. Timothy C. Hohn. AltaMira Press. 2008. 2. A Method for Evaluating the Use of...
Collection Procedure Manual Links
These links connect with to the two prominent plant collections procedure manuals: 1. Curatorial Practices for Botanical Gardens. Timothy C. Hohn. AltaMira Press. 2008. 2. Welkinweir...
Strengthening the Conservation Value of Ex Situ Tree Collections
With 10% of trees (>8,000 species) threatened with extinction there is an urgent need for botanical gardens to protect threatened trees in dedicated conservation collections. Species conservation...