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Smithsonian Gardens-Horticulturist-Wed, 05/16/2018 - 11:12am



Smithsonian Gardens
Greenhouse Facility
4222 Silver Hill Road
Suitland , MD 20746

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Job Description 

This position is located in the Greenhouse Nursery Operations (GNO), Smithsonian Gardens (SG), Smithsonian Facilities (SF), Smithsonian Institution (SI). The employee is responsible for leading the design, cultural care, maintenance, and interpretation of plant material within the Greenhouses and interiorscapes located on Smithsonian grounds in the Washington, DC metro area.

Smithsonian Gardens is hiring 2-horticulturist positions at our Suitland, Maryland greenhouse facility. We are looking for someone to work within our Interior Plant and Tropical Plant sections responsible for leading the design, cultural care, maintenance, and interpretation of tropical plant material within the greenhouses and/or interiorscapes of the Smithsonian Museums. Official vacancy announcement is posted at and Job Announcement Number: 18A-DT-303750-DEU-SF. Please follow application instructions outlined on the official announcement. Announcement is open for a limited time only through 5/29/2018.

Duties & Responsibilities 

◦Develops, implements, and leads a sound horticulture program for the Smithsonian Gardens Greenhouses in area of responsibility. Assures that proper pruning, watering, weeding, planting, fertilization, pest control and equipment operations are carried out.
◦Assumes responsibility for maintenance of a specific section of the Greenhouse Nursery Operations growing facility and takes necessary action to ensure upkeep of area of responsibility.
◦Initiates, develops, evaluates and is responsible for an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) in area of responsibility. Collects and submits soil, tissue and water samples, and prepares and dispenses a variety of chemicals. Applies pesticides and coordinates application activity.
◦Leads a team of horticulturist and gardeners to coordinate production and/or installation and maintenance of seasonal plantings, educational exhibits and displays. Provides leadership to gardeners, volunteers, and interns while assigning tasks and reviews results.
◦Maintains a written record of sections cultural activities. Records include all aspects of each project of section, i.e. current inventories of plant material, records on plant replacements and cultural care records on watering schedule, date, and types of pesticides applied. Records horticultural exhibit or events held in area of responsibility.

Education and Experience 

1.Degree: horticulture; or a related discipline of basic plant science that included at least 30 semester hours in the basic plant sciences, of which at least 16 semester hours were in horticultural subjects such as those dealing with the breeding, care, management, production, and post harvest handling of horticultural crops.

2.Combination of education and experience: courses equivalent to a major in horticulture or a related discipline of basic plant science that included course work as shown in A above, plus appropriate experience or additional education.
Evaluation of Education: Courses in botany, plant physiology, plant taxonomy, plant pathology, genetics, agronomy, horticulture, and similar courses may be used to meet the 30-semester-hour requirement in basic plant sciences.

The 16-semester-hour requirement in horticulture includes course work in basic horticulture and course work related to any of the recognized subject-matter fields of horticulture, i.e., fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, nursery work, seed production, or course work in related areas of science, such as micro-biology, entomology, plant pathology, plant physiology, or genetics that is directly related to horticultural work.

In addition to the Basic Requirements above you must have the following:

Experience: You qualify for this position if you have one year of specialized experience equivalent to at least the GS-7 level in the Federal Service or comparable pay band system. For this position Specialized experience is defined as experience in the field of horticulture, plant identification and horticultural care of tropical foliage plants in a Conservatory, Interiorscape or Greenhouse.

Application Instructions 

You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above.

Your resume will be used to evaluate your experience, education, and/or training that address the competencies below:

◦Knowledge in horticulture, as well as an understanding of related sciences such as biology, chemistry and plant pathology in order to identify and resolve problems.
◦Knowledge of plant growing structures such as greenhouses, cold frames, conservatories and interior spaces.
◦Knowledge of all types of horticultural chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and soil chemical changes.
◦Knowledge of leadership ability to organize team and work programs to establish priorities and perform horticultural work.
◦Skill in record keeping (written and verbal communication) needed to perform job.
Applicants who meet or exceed minimum qualifications will be assigned to one of three category groups based on job-related criteria:

Best Category - Meets the minimum qualification requirements and excels in most of the job related competencies above.

Better Category - Meets the minimum qualification requirements and satisfies most of the job related competencies above.

Good Category - Meets the minimum qualification requirements, but does not satisfy most of the job related competencies above to a substantive degree.

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