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Missouri Botanical Garden-Horticulturist II - Outdoor (North Gardens)-Thu, 06/15/2017 - 16:45

Horticulturist II - Outdoor (North Gardens)


Missouri Botanical Garden
Missouri Botanical Garden
4344 Shaw Blvd
ST Louis , MO 63110

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Job Description 

Performs all duties associated with design, installation, maintenance and care of the seasonal outdoor bedding and container displays; living collections; perennial borders. Critical components of this position include design, installation and care of the collections of woody and herbaceous plant materials and annual display crops; plant selection and ordering; careful attention to record keeping, plant accessioning, and plant labeling; and volunteer coordination.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Performs a wide range of landscape/maintenance tasks important to the cultivation, preservation, protection and transplanting of existing plants; including but not limited to soil preparation, planting, mulching, weeding, watering, fertilization, irrigation, IPM and pesticide application as needed.
Ensure the highest level of excellence in landscape maintenance and plant care.
Checks plant records data regularly and request plants to be re-propagated as necessary to ensure the survival of important plant accessions.
Plants and maintains displays in a manner that enables plant accessions data to be maintained and allows the public to easily distinguish plants when reading plant labels
Completes display designs, annual, perennial, as needed, selects and orders plants as needed for designs and oversees/performs the layout and installation of the designs.
Ensure the highest level of plant records and labeling; utilizes the living collections management system and conduct plant inventories as needed.
Research, implement and record cultivation techniques associated to new plants to the living collections.
As requested participate in national and international travel and expeditions for plant collecting and horticulture capacity building.
Operate technical equipment and maintain general care of tools necessary for nursery operations to include but not limited to; vehicles, forklifts, pallet trucks, carts, lifts, Cushmans, tractors, cultivators, mechanical sprayers, and a variety of hand tools.
Source plants to be added to the living collections according MBGs collections development goals in supporting plant conservation, research and display of plant diversity.
Works with the Ex-Situ Collections Manager to target and develop plant collections.
Utilizes index Seminum and connects with other botanic gardens and institutions to build plant collections.
Ensure all Garden policies and procedures are followed when procuring and sharing plant material.
Exhibit the highest level of ethical conduct in obtaining and sharing plant material and ensure compliance with MBG policies.
Completes purchase orders and assigns time/material charges to appropriate account codes.
Ensures that assigned areas are maintained in accordance with on-file garden descriptions.
Ensures that all applicable safety standards are followed. Adapts or modifies work methods to reduce hazards. Reports all accidents, injuries and near-miss accidents immediately.
Performs tours and give presentations as required; may be responsible for interacting with the media (TV, radio, newspaper etc), working with Public Relations to provide information about the horticultural content of their respective areas.
Generally, but not always, works in a specifically designated area to oversee the day-to-day responsibilities of managing the landscape, maintenance issues and volunteer assignments.
Performs or assists with "off-season" tasks (i.e., tree pruning, annual flower show set-up).
Maintains general care of horticultural tools, and technical equipment (i.e., apply lubrication and general cleaning). Refers more serious problems to management personnel.
Ensure that all tool storage areas and work areas are kept clean and tidy.
May be responsible for assigned weekend watering rotation duties.
Behaves and communicates in a manner that promotes and fosters a culture of teamwork and cooperation, within our division and throughout the Garden, with co-workers, supervisors/managers, volunteers, visitors and employees.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience 

Minimum of (4-5) years hands-on, relevant horticulture work experience required.
Strong knowledge of plant materials and landscape maintenance techniques with an emphasis in annuals, perennials, and aquatics; proficient in operating various landscaping tools and equipment.
Strong knowledge of appropriate and effective watering practices.
Proficient ability to identify various plant fungus, pests and pathogens and apply sound, appropriate remedies.
Proficient in operating and knowledge of safe operation procedures for various types of landscape maintenance equipment.
Ability to convey technical concepts.
Proven ability to lead and direct the work of others to complete general projects, including volunteer supervision and project coordination.
Demonstrates highest level of professional and ethical conduct; knowledge and understanding of organizational policies, procedures and systems.
Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively at all levels; must enjoy and feel comfortable interacting and working in close proximity to general public, in a safe and friendly manner, answering questions about the living collections.
Scheduling flexibility that allows working weekends and holidays for annual watering schedule and occasional snow and ice removal.
Knowledge of living collections and curation.
Knowledge of and adherence to all health and safety guidelines.
The requirements and duties listed are representative and not exhaustive of the knowledge, skill, and/or abilities required.

Associate or B.S. degree in Horticulture, Biology, Botany and/or related field required.
An equivalent combination of skills, education and experience may be considered.

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Missouri Botanical Garden