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AOC- U.S. Capitol Grounds and Arboretum -LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION (Pipefitter)-Wed, 09/12/2018 - 9:30pm



AOC- U.S. Capitol Grounds and Arboretum
Washington, DC
US Capitol
Washington , DC

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Pay scale & grade
WG 10 - 11

$27.60 to $33.91 per hour
The AOC is accepting applications for a Pipefitter with primary responsibility will be the installation and maintenance of landscape irrigation systems while perform pipefitting and plumbing tasks.

This position is designated as “Emergency / Essential” and the incumbent will be required to work during emergency situations and inclement weather conditions.

Duties & Responsibilities 

Responsible for the installation of major 12 inch diameter, steel pipe for fire hydrant installation and repair within the perimeter of the Capitol Grounds. Installs backflow preventers/backflow check valves, involving major excavation and the cutting and welding of steel pipe typical of the Pipefitting occupation. Utilizes excavation equipment, including a Ditch-witch (for more than one mile of trenching), Bobcat, Tractors, Sewer Machine for catch basins, as well as the K50 snake. Ensures that fire hydrants meet D.C. Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) and AOC service testing requirements annually.

Installs, maintains and repairs complex landscape irrigation systems including electronically controlled large output heads to drip irrigation tape. This includes programmable valves, timing and water control flow valves.

Lays out and installs piping and water delivery components; backflow prevention components; mechanical, hydraulic and electrical irrigation controls; and other irrigation system components.

Troubleshoots and repairs irrigation components and systems.

Collects site data in regards to landscape water requirements and use.

Makes maintenance recommendations and performs minor repairs.

Performs field measurements and observations.

Determines irrigation uniformity and efficiency.

Develops a basic irrigation schedule in conjunction with gardening teams.

Works with gardening teams to manage overall irrigation water use.

Executes irrigation projects to meet all specifications and requirements.

Prepares installation sites, including layout, staking, excavation, boring, trenching, grading and backfilling.

Identifies and implements system upgrades and modifications and manages the control system to provide the most efficient irrigation possible.

Provides direction to the end-users on system use, scheduling, maintenance and water conservation.

Installs fire sprinkler system lines that include 80 psi fire sprinkler heads and 75 hp motors. Welding and brazing is performed for copper, brass, cast iron and steel piping up to 10 inches in diameter. Uses electric resistance welding, such as Smaw stick, Gtaw tig, Gmaw mig, plasma cutting and oxygen/acetylene torch.

Responsible to install and maintain exterior drinking fountains.

Responsible to maintain the historic exterior ornamental fountains throughout the Capitol campus. This process includes seasonal startups and shut downs as well as cleaning and maintenance through the season.

Works with other skilled trades such as masons and electricians in conjunction with ongoing maintenance and preservation of ornamental fountains.

Troubleshoots piping systems and related fixtures for water conservation efficiency. Repairs leaks in pipeline systems in accordance with specifications and codes. Repairs piping by welding, bolting, brazing, gluing, fusing, soldering and replacing with new couplings including Pro-Press.

Provides or receives training, either on-the-job or through classroom training, to ensure that all safety practices and equipment are fully utilized. Uses required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Education and Experience 

You must meet all eligibility and qualification requirements by the closing date of the job announcement.

The self-assessment questions relate to the following job elements and competencies:

Knowledge of pipefitting and plumbing practices, methods and techniques.
Ability to interpret pipefitting instructions.
Measurement and layout skills.
Skill in troubleshooting pipefitting and lawn irrigation problems.
Your responses to the self-assessment questions serve as the basis for your initial rating. You will receive a numerical score based on your responses to these questions. Next, your responses will be evaluated by a Human Resources Specialist and/or a subject matter expert against the information provided in your resume and optional cover letter. Your resume must support your answers to the self-assessment questions. Falsifying your background, education and/or experience is cause for non-selection or disqualification from further consideration.

Please note that a complete application is required for consideration. (Please review the “Required Documents” section of this job announcement to see what must be included in a complete application).

Application Instructions 

For more information and to apply see

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AOC- U.S. Capitol Grounds and Arboretum