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2017 Symposia


Fall 2017 Professional Development Symposia


The Nature of Exhibitions

September 13-15 I Denver, CO
Hosted and sponsored by: Denver Botanic Gardens


Learn more about the Arts and Exhibitions Section Symposium here.


Remarkable, Resilient and Rewarding Volunteer Engagement

October 11-13 I Ithaca, NY
Sponsored by: Cornell Botanic Gardens and Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance

Learn more about the Volunteer Engagement Section Symposium here.


Native Plants/Plant Conservation Symposium

October 25-27 I Framingham, MA
Hosted by: New England Wildflower Society

More info coming soon!


Educational Life Cycles

November 1-3 I Richmond, VA
Hosted and sponsored by: Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Learn more about the Education Section Symposium here.

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