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The Dinosaur Company

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1277 Andrews Parkway
Allen , TX 75002

Billings Productions currently has more than 350 animatronic dinosaurs and giant insects representing more than 60 separate species which we lease out to our clients each year.

All of our creatures are researched, designed, and built in-house here in Allen, Texas by our team of designers, engineers, sculptors, and artists - each highly skilled in their craft and passionate about animals.

Billings' animals not only look real, we've been told they also have character and appeal. That's because we pay attention to the details when it comes to building each one – be it size, features, color or movements.

Equally if not more important, they are built to work efficiently and reliably. We use steel and skin material made from a special urethane compound that protects them against sun, rain and snow, making them perfect for clients who prefer to display outdoors in a natural environment.

Each animatronic unit is fitted with its own electronic brain to activate and control the movements and to produce the sounds. The realistic movements are powered by a pneumatic system that enables smoother and finer movements - unlike electrical ones which tend to create single, crude and jerky movements.

In addition, all exhibits leased out receive periodic on-site maintenance by our team of field technicians who ensure that they continue looking good and function properly for the entire exhibit length at no additional costs.

Browse through our product gallery to view photos of the animals we currently have.