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Benchmarking Studies


The results are in!

Comparison and reports results are now available for the new and expanded Compensation and Benefits survey. Thank you to the well over 100+ gardens that provided data for our first Compensation and Benefits study in over 7 years. Your efforts have made this a truly unparalleled resource for every public garden.

Please note that due to the sensitive nature of the results, only Executive Directors have access to the Compensation and Benefits survey data at this time.

If you have further questions about who has access to entering this information, or you believe you should see the "Compensation and Benefits" icon but don't, contact us at

Still need to contribute your data? You still can! Please note that this is a separate survey than the Benchmarking Survey, therefore, if you have access to enter this information, you should see a second icon appear upon logging in. Once logged in, further instructions are provided throughout the survey process. 

ALL members also have access to 2016 Benchmarking results: 

If your garden entered data, you will rapidly see where it ranks with its peers from admissions to education to finance to staffing and volunteers – and so much more!

If it didn’t enter data yet this year, there's still time! Simply go ask your leader or finance officer to participate. Regardless, you’ll still have access on a summary basis.

Informative and Comparative Data in an Instant

The Public Gardens Benchmarking Platform offers exclusive access to direct reports that show how your gardens stacks up against your peers, assist in making important business decisions, and support you in meeting your overall goals in terms of:

  • Staffing, membership, income/expense ratios, or governance, financials, facilities, visitation, education, and exhibits.

Bigger picture? Use the simple to use, seriously powerful comparative reports function to:

  • Structure and justify your capital campaign
  • Prove your garden’s impact to your local, regional, and national councils
  • Enhance your budget, needs assessment, or project narrative when building a grant/funding proposal
  • Reveal large-scale potential such as staffing, education, or volunteer needs
  • Easily share this pertinent information with your Board or staff by exporting information in a variety of formats including PowerPoint, MS Word, PDF, and MS Excel. (For a more in-depth analysis, apply one of ten different filters or even designate a peer cluster of participating institutions.)
  • And so much more!

Want a peek at what we've collected so far?

View our 2015 results snapshot here.


Want to hear even more?

Watch our video to hear first-hand what your peers are saying about our Benchmarking Site.