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The Paris Agreement Marks an Unprecedented Political Recognition of the Risks of Climate Change

Paris Agreement Photo

Photo features French foreign minister and president-designate of COP21 Laurent Fabius. Image provided by the Economist website.

The nations gathered made a historic step down a very long road...


“HISTORY is here,” declared François Hollande, France’s president, on Saturday morning.

What You Can Do About Climate Change

NY Times Climate Change

Image provided by the New York Times website.

A great follow-up read from the New York Times in light of the recent Paris Agreement news...


Seven Simple Guidelines for Thinking About Carbon Emissions


"Global climate: it’s complicated. Any long-term solution will require profound changes in how we generate energy. At the same time, there are everyday things that you can do to reduce your personal contribution to a warming planet. Here are seven simple guidelines on how your choices today affect the climate tomorrow...."

NOAA Climate Resources

American Public Gardens Association and NOAA Partner to Enhance Climate Change Awareness

NOAA and APGA launched a broad agreement regarding climate change programming. It links NOAA’s internationally recognized climate services and APGA’s public gardens, which receive more than seventy million visitors a year.

Education Curriculum

American Public Gardens Association members are leaders dedicated to the conservation of and education about the earth’s flora and fauna. Member gardens are uniquely qualified to share science-based, non-partisan information and facilitate outreach to engage visitors in sustainable solutions to climate change.

Supporting Pollinators

Public gardens occupy a critical place in the discussion surrounding pollinator health. They perform research related to plant conservation and pollinator protection, join forces with other public or private institutions to promote awareness of the issue, and educate millions of their own visitors on plant conservation and pollinator protection. This all occurs against a backdrop of intentionally designed and managed spaces where the best tools are needed to achieve the highest aesthetic value.

Sustainability Index

At the intersection of nature, culture and community, public gardens are uniquely positioned to lead the transition to a sustainable future.  The Public Garden Sustainability Index is an industry-specific tool to help gardens large and small meaningfully act upon the opportunity and fulfill the evolving stewardship responsibility that lies at the core of our collective mission. Environmental goals are realistic only when conceived within a broader perspective that encompasses Environmental, Social, and Financial Sustainability.


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