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International Gardens

The membership of APGA is becoming increasingly international, with members now representing 29 countries outside the USA. Moreover, US botanic gardens are increasingly engaged in countries and regions overseas. Several international treaties and agreements (e.g. CBD, CITES, GSPC, NASPCBG, IPEN) directly impact botanic garden activities. 

APGA has an opportunity to be a world leader in exploring the relationships between biological and cultural (“biocultural”) conservation, as expressed in the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (Target 13) and the Convention on Biological Diversity (Article 8(j), among others). 


The Role of this Section is to:

  • Foster greater collaborations, partnerships, and alliances among US-based and internationally-based APGA member gardens and their staff
  • Promote, encourage, and potentially facilitate staff exchanges among member gardens across the globe
  • Encourage cooperation with other international botanic garden associations
  • Provide content for APGA annual conferences, symposia, The Public Garden, and other meetings and media.
  • Increase the global relevance of APGA, its member gardens, and their programs
  • Promote the establishment of multi-national research programs in plant conservation, horticulture, education, plant exchange, and biocultural conservation


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