The Sentinel Plant Network Toolbox

Training Resources

This is where you will find SPN's train-the-trainer (scripted PowerPoint) modules and information about how to obtain an SPN implementation kit with teaching materials and supplies to enhance your First Detector training event.

Scouting Resources

Threat-specific pages with tactical information phenological cues, host plants, common signs and symptoms and opportunities to obtain traps and connect with pest survey efforts.

Diagnostic / Reporting Resources

This is where you will find contact information for the NPDN Diagnostic Labs in your state as well as the "SPN Packing Slip" which should be filled out and submitted along with physical samples to ensure free processing.

Signage and Interpretation Resources (in the SPN Store!)

This is where you will find SPN's  customizable signage templates that provide basic information on various threats like Sudden Oak Death and Laurel Wilt. You can also access our quick reponse (QR) codes that direct visitors to SPN's public-facing educational website and incorporate them in your own signage or plant label design!

Youth Programing Resources (in the SPN Store!)

This is where you will find a variety of supplemental Plant Heroes materials that make great prizes and giveaways that can enhance a young learners' experience.


Examples of Pest / Pathogen Management Materials

The Arnold Arboretum's ALB monitoring protocol

The Arnold Arboretum's ALB management plan (June 2010)

"Preparing plant collections for biological invasions: a study of the effects of emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire) through case study analysis" (Gapinski, 2010). Click excerpted chapters (Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Discussion and Recommendations) or, for full thesis, click here.


Links of Interest

USDA's APHIS PPQ Stakeholder's Registry

APHIS's Hungry Pests Site (FAQ pages, photos, pest tracker maps, reporting & mgmt tips)

Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health

Bugwood Wiki


Pest Tracker

International Society of Arboriculture

National Site for USDA Regional IPM Centers (Crop Profiles, Pest Alerts, Mgmt Research, etc.)

Emerald ash borer University (Webinars, publications, etc.)

Beetle Busters (Asian longhorned beetle FAQs, educational materials, games)


Pest / Pathogen Newsletters (by Region, then state)

NPDN National Newsletter

First Detector Network News

National IPM Webinars: Webinars are typically scheduled for the first Thursday of each month starting at 11 am EST.  Announcements are sent out via a listserve.  This is not a discussion list. It is only used to send out information about  the webinar series.  You can sign up for the list serve by clicking here.



IL - The Morton Arboretum's Plant Health Care Report

IL - The University of Illinois Home, Yard & Garden Pest Newsletter

KY - University of Kentucky, Kentucky Pest News

MI - Michigan State University, Landscape Crop Advisory Team Alert



MA - UMass Landscape Message

NY - "Branching Out," an IPM Newsletter by Cornell Dept of Plant Pathology and Cornell Cooperative Extension


Western Region

Western Plant Diagnostic Network Newsletter and Pacific Pest Detector

AK - University of Alaska, Extension, IPM (Insects and Diseases)

AZ - Arizona Plant Diagnotic Network (Pest Alerts)

CA - University of California IPM "Green Bulletin"

CA - LA County Agricultural Commissioner's Dept. (Pest / Disease information sheets, posters, etc.)

CO & WY - Mountain West IPM Pest Alerts

HI - Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture, Plant Pest Control Information (bottom of page)

WA - Washington State University Extension (Plant Pests and Diseases)



NC - Dr. Steven Frank's website "Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management

Follow Dr. Frank's EcoIPM on Twitter

Follow Dr. Frank's OrnaPests on Twitter