Social Media in Public Gardens

Member Highlight: The Crosby Arboretum of Mississippi State University

Interview with Richelle Stafne, Sr Curator/Assistant Director            

APGA: How are you engaging your visitors via social media? 

CA: We encourage engagement on our social media by putting it in email signatures, linking to social media pages from our website, and each one is linked to the other whenever possible. We include social media information in our news journal and all flyers.            


APGA: In addition to the initiatives you mentioned above, can you tell us a bit more about the various channels of social media that you currently employ? 

CA: For the Arboretum, I use Twitter, Pinterest, Wordpress Blog, Youtube Channel and Google Plus. The Arboretum director manages our Facebook account. We use all of these channels to try to connect, and engage, to get our messages out to as many people as possible, using as many avenues as are popular.


APGA: What are your strategies for success?

CA: When people attend events and sign-in there is a column to ask where they heard about the event so we are trying to keep track of what is successful in getting the message out. Also as I just began all of our social media (except for facebook) since late last fall, I am going to track all of the statistics with each service to show how successful each one is. 

For us, any one using it or following us through a social media outlet is a success. The only issue is the time factor with keeping each one updated and accurate as we have a small staff with only have two professional staff members. So at some point we may weigh time input versus success/usage. 


APGA: What have you learned from something you tried in social media that didn't work?

CA: Right now we are still trying everything!