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Our Mission

The Sentinel Plant Network contributes to plant conservation by engaging public garden professionals, volunteers, and visitors in the detection and diagnosis of high consequence pests and pathogens.

Asian Longhorned Beetle, Kenneth R. Law, USDA APHIS PPQ, Bugwood.org Emerald Ash BorerDavid Cappaert, Michigan State University, Bugwood.org

What We Do

  1. Provide public garden professionals with training and diagnostic support to better monitor and protect their collections;
  2. Facilitate greater collaboration about invasive pests and pathogens among public gardens and with other organizations through improved databases and communication protocols.
  3. Enhance garden outreach efforts to educate their communities on the impact of high-consequence plant pests and pathogens and engage individuals as First Detectors;
  4. Manage Plant Heroes - a program specifically designed for young learners and aims to increase their knowledge about plant pests and diseases and ultimately engage them in protecting the plants in their own yards, neighborhoods and communities from emerging threats. As such, it is a valuable resource for public garden professionals, parents and educators looking for innovative ways to teach K-12 audiences about this important subject. 

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