Plant Nomenclature and Taxonomy

The Plant Nomenclature and Taxonomy Professional Section is a resource for education, information dissemination, research and discussion about plant names. Problems with plant names abound in public gardens and the horticulture industry. Institutions and individuals face confusing issues regarding accurate reference sources for cultivar names, the use of trademarks by nurseries and plant breeders, the usefulness of various on-line taxonomic databases and the impact of molecular biology techniques on traditional botanical taxonomy. Furthermore, many curators and plant records professionals do not feel confident that they are aware of all proposed plant name changes affecting plants in their collections. There is not presently a resource that consolidates such information from the wide array of journals where the proposals are published. Recognizing the need for an accessible, well-organized mechanism to deal with an increasingly complex set of issues, this group supports the APGA mission by helping members in public gardens promote horticulture, provide education, conduct botanical research and engage in plant conservation. Although it is likely to benefit curators and plant records professionals primarily, it will also benefit other members who write about plants, promote horticulture and offer educational opportunities to the public.

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