Participate in the Free Admission Program!

Free Admission Program

One way for our member gardens to celebrate National Public Gardens Day is to participate in the NPGD free admission program! Visitors to will be directed to download a voucher for free admission to any participating public garden on National Public Gardens Day. Not only does this generous offer help to promote public gardens through a highly influential publication, but it can also lead to potential memberships through visitation. Here is the 2012 voucher:


Let's Reach Our Goal!

Please help us reach our goal by participating in this free admission program.

See Who is Participating!

It does not matter if you already offer free admission year-round—we still want to acknowledge your participation in National Public Gardens Day and encourage new visitors to discover your garden! 

Things You Can Do

If your garden would like to celebrate National Public Gardens Day, but isn't sure what to do, the following are some examples of activities that other gardens have done over the past few years:

  • Contact local elected officials for commendations or declarations;
  • Partner with a local charity;
  • List the day and activities in the calendar sections of local media and work with the media, to secure interviews and coverage of the day;
  • Re-purpose existing events and tie them into National Public Gardens Day;
  • Create contests or competitions, such as photo contests, on social media to drive awareness;
  • Partner with local schools; or
  • Throw a special event.

Need more ideas? Click here!


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