NAPCC Oak Curatorial Group

The NAPCC Oak Curatorial Group includes representatives of 15 North American public gardens who coordinate activities of the NAPCC Multi-Institutional Quercus Collectionestablished in August of 2007. This multi-site living collection includes botanical and horticultural taxa from throughout the world located in a variety of climates to expand the possibilities for maximizing oak diversity. California, the Pacific Northwest, the Midwest, and the Northeast are already represented by gardens in the Collection. One of the goals for the group is to expand and recruit gardens in the Southeast U.S., the Southwest U.S. desert regions, and Mexico in order to improve our representation of oaks from those regions. In addition to collaborating on expanding the Collection's representation of oak diversity, the NAPCC Oak Curatorial Group is also working together to raise standards for curatorial management, to promote research use of the Collection, to interpret the value and importance of oaks to garden visitors, and to identify and help solve taxonomic problems.

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