Powerpoint Presentations

Tuesday, June 19

Beyond the Beauty: Increase Visitation and Deepen Engagement by Getting to Know Your Vistors (click to view/download the PDF)


Two Paths in One Session

Discover a Path to Membership Growth, Community Partnership, and Volunteer Leadership


The Soul of Your Garden: Branding to Reflect an Evolving Mission (currently not available)


Wednesday, June 20

Three Paths in One Session

Attracting Boomers and Echo-Boomers to Garden Events


Presenting a Science Cafe in Your Garden



GATEways: Engaging Community in Garden, Arts, and Environmental Initiatives (click to view/download the PDF)


Partnerships with the Arts: Developing New Audiences


From Logging to Blogging: How PR Has Changed (oral presentation only)

Moderator: Patricia Evans, Longwood Gardens