How Can Public Gardens Create Indispensable Community Relationships?

In a project funded by a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), APGA and several garden leaders partnered with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to document and analyze nine gardens' contributions to their communities.

The result is a blueprint for successful relationships that outlines the common factors of success and examines the challenges that gardens face when forging successful, durable ties with their communities. With the goal of helping all public gardens dramatically expand their contributions to society, investigators explored the successful ways these nine public gardens of varying geographic location and size have partnered with community organizations. The resulting document contains information on a variety of community collaborations. Additionally, the barriers and pitfalls arising from such partnerships have also been detailed.

This study addressed a critical gap in published research. It is a valuable tool to use with both staff and board members of public gardens who desire to collaborate more meaningfully in the community. It is a process model for public gardens that illustrates the components of successful sustainable community programming and development. 

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