Why YOUtopia will work

To be most effective, gardens can focus on the millions of Americans who are ready to be engaged in climate change solutions. Families and communities who care about nature know that the planet is warming, and they are concerned about it. We know that messages of sacrifice and scare tactics will alienate people and create an aversion to embracing progress. For this reason YOUtopia is built on inspiring, positive communications and active participation. It allows Americans to “see with their own eyes” the impacts of climate change in gardens and the many things that are being done to help prevent or prepare for it. YOUtopia emphasizes empowering personal and civic choices and practical actions visitors can take in their own lives to be part of the solution.


YOUtopia is a Robust, Flexible Program With Great Free Resources

YOUtopia’s free resources for professionals (must be logged in), including information and tools to engage and educate visitors and a national public engagement program, bring the facts of and solutions for climate change to life in ways that are compelling and motivating for visitors, allowing them to see the impacts with their own eyes and learn about the many solutions in place to address climate change, including ways they can personally prepare for and help prevent further change. Gardens can also make use of YOUtopia’s resources and best practice examples for ideas on how to reduce your garden’s impact.


Benefits of YOUtopia Participation

  • Join the first national program offering public gardens ways to individually and collectively build support for climate change solutions, increase public gardens’ prominence among cultural institutions, and showcase our successes.
  • Enhance your garden’s reputation as a community organization committed to leading on sustainability.
  • Utilize the comprehensive climate and sustainability resources and marketing tools available to YOUtopia participants to build and communicate on your garden’s climate and sustainability programs.
  • Offer visitors meaningful ways to support your garden, community, and our natural world.
  • Create a new opportunity for funding.


Download the informational brochure and pledge to join YOUtopia now. (pdf)