Welcome to the Better Homes and Gardens Subscription Program

APGA Member Garden Program Guidelines:

  1. To qualify for this program, your Garden must be a current APGA Institutional Member in good standing.
  2. As an added membership bonus, you can offer each new and renewing member a one-year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. This subscription will be included with their purchase, and there will be no additional charge. (To qualify, the membership must cost at least $20 and be purchased in 2012.)
  3. The subscription cards should be distributed to the new and renewing members who join your garden in 2012. (This offer is not for current members.)
  4. Your new or renewing garden member will fill out the card and return it to Better Homes and Gardens. The subscription card includes postage. The process of distributing the subscription card to each new and renewing member will vary at each garden. For example: You will need to ensure that those whose memberships are paid for and processed on-site receive a card at the time of purchase. For customers who pay online or through the mail, you will need to insert a card into their membership welcome packet. Please note that the subscription card is 4” x 5.875” and fits into a #10 envelope. Please make sure each new and renewing member receives this card.
  5. If a new or renewing member is a current subscriber to Better Homes and Gardens, we will simply add one year to the length of his or her current subscription. A promotional piece will also follow, and it can be displayed in areas where you will be interacting with members.

For more information about this promotion, please call APGA at 610.708.3010.


  1. Who qualifies for this offer? This offer is only valid for paid memberships ($20 minimum) that are purchased during 2012. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE SUBSCRIPTION CARDS TO CURRENT MEMBERS.
  2. How do we get more subscription cards?
    If you need more subscription cards, please e-mail your request to bhg@publicgardens.org, or contact APGA at 610.708.3010.
  3. How can our garden promote this offer?
    APGA has provided graphics and promotional materials by clicking here.
  4. What if a member does not wish to get the free subscription?
    New and renewing members must complete the card and mail it back to BHG to accept the offer.
  5. What if a member already subscribes to BHG, can they accept this offer?
    BHG will automatically add a one-year subscription to any current subscription.  For your convenience, we have added a check box to note a renewal.
  6. Whom do we contact with any additional questions?
    Please call Madeline Dobbs, APGA Director of Development & Marketing, at 610.708.3011, or Sarah Maietta, APGA Membership Manager, at 610.708.3014.