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Conservatory Gardener
Category: Horticulture

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
San Marino, California

Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014

Conservatory Gardener    

The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens               

DEPARTMENT: Botanical                                                     

CLASSIFICATION:     Regular, Full-Time, Hourly



Cultivates plants in the Conservatory and tropical collections. Provides living material and assistance to support interpretive programs and classes. Works with other gardeners, nursery assistants, and volunteers in maintaining facilities, collections and programs.  At times may lead work activities with volunteers and other staff. Reports to the Curator of the Conservatory and Tropical Collections.



1.    Cultivates, propagates, waters, fertilizes, and chemically treats plants.

2.    Helps organize and provide supplies including potting mix, pots, tools, labels, etc.

3.    Maintains assigned areas of the Conservatory and support greenhouses in an orderly manner.

4.    Maintains necessary records and labeling practices.

5.    Assists with oversight of equipment and with repairs when needed.

6.    Works in collaboration with the Conservatory Assistant in exhibit set-up and maintenance, as well as providing plants for programs, labs, and exhibits througout the Botanical Center.



1.    Other relevant duties as assigned.    



Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

1.    Knowledge of propagation techniques and nursery practices preferred.

2.    Ability to work safely with equipment and chemicals required.

3.    Ability to communicate effectively and amicably with staff, volunteers, and visitors required.

4.    Ability to perform physical duties required, including lifting (30 lbs. regularly), digging, carrying, etc.

5.    Ability to perform careful, thoughtful work required.

6.    Good reading ability and accuracy with details such as may be obtained through completion of some college course work.


1.    Two years experience with nursery production preferred.

2.    Knowledge of botany, horticulture, plant genetics, and ecology preferred.



Nursery and botanical garden environment, including high heat and humidity of greenhouses.  May handle fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals.  May work with or around large equipment. Must be physically able to get around 200-acre site.



Applications can be submitted to Dylan Hannon at

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