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2014 Internship Opportunities
Category: Horticulture

Planting Fields Arboretum
Oyster Bay, New York

Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014 Internship Opportunities

Planting Fields Arboretum

Post Office Box  58
Oyster Bay, New York 11771
Planting Fields is a spectacular 409-acre public garden located on the north shore of Long Island. Our former Gold Coast estate features specimen trees, ornamental shrubs, herbaceous plantings, 1 acre of display and production greenhouses, historic buildings and a 65 room Tudor revival mansion. The arboretum features one of the most comprehensive woody plant collections in the Northeast.
Grounds Maintenance:
Number Available:       5
Application Deadline:   April 1st , 2014
Duration:                     10-12 weeks
Compensation:               $10.57/hr plus housing
Greenhouse Intern:   1
Application Deadline:   March 1st , 2014
Duration:    Flexible Starting Date, 6 Month duration
Compensation:   $10.57/hr plus housing
Curatorial Intern: 1
Application Deadline:   April 1st, 2014
Duration:  12 weeks plus
Compensation:  $10.57/hr plus housing
Housing:   Each student is assigned a room in our dormitory complex located in the beautiful Haybarn.  Amenities include heating and air conditioning, a common kitchen, lounge, cable television, and a washer and dryer.
Contact:                       Vincent Simeone, Director
Telephone:                   516-922-8601
Fax:                             516-922-8610
Send a letter of intent to us stating why you are interested in applying for the internship.  The application form and information packet will then be provided. Completed applications should include official transcripts, a   resume, and three letters of reference. 
Grounds Maintenance interns need a passion for working in a public garden and flexibility to perform a wide variety of tasks. This exciting opportunity will offer students practical, hands-on experience in all phases of maintenance, landscape design and the enhancement of a diverse collection of horticultural plant collections within the 409 acre arboretum, as well as in the field instruction.  
Greenhouse intern will work closely with the greenhouse curators to maintain and enhance nearly 2 acres of tropical greenhouse collections including economic plants, orchids, cacti and succulents, houseplants, camellias and seasonal displays. In addition, the intern will assist with maintaining and developing new collections such as a Vireya Rhododendron collection.  
Curatorial Intern will be responsible for managing, updating and maintaining a computer database of over 10,000 plant records and a GIS based mapping program. In addition, the curatorial intern will be responsible for updating plant records and making and installing plant labels. Knowledge of Microsoft Access, GIS, ESRI and New Hermes label machines is desirable but not a requirement as on the job training will be provided. Knowledge of woody landscape plants of the Northeast is beneficial. 
Planting Fields is an intact historic estate designed by the Olmsted Brothers.  It is an active arboretum with many unusual greenhouse and hardy plant collections. General duties will include planting, pruning, watering, weeding, mulching, growing and propagation and garden renovation.
Other Information: The interns will also help to maintain and enhance many special gardens such as the Dwarf Conifer Garden, Hydrangea Garden, Woodland Garden, Synoptic Garden, Rhododendron Collection and Formal Gardens. All interns are invited to participate in near-weekly educational field trips to private and public gardens, nurseries and growers on Long Island and the surrounding areas.
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.  What are the hours of operation?  
o Interns work a forty-hour week, Monday through Friday.  Hours of operation vary from department to department.  Occasionally earlier and later hours may be required
 Grounds Maintenance department  - 7:00am to 3:30pm
 Main Greenhouse department  - typically 8:00am to 4:30pm
2.  Do all interns start and end their appointment at the same time?
o No.  Interns can start as early as May 1 and can remain for as many as 12 weeks. We are also offering one 6-month internship.
3.  Composition of the intern applicants?
o We do accept qualified international students.  Acquiring visas, payment of fees and all required documentation are the responsibilities of the student.
o Applicants are usually from throughout the fifty United States and Europe
4.  Notification of acceptance.
o Interns will be notified by early April, if not earlier.

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