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Director of Education and Outreach
Category: Manager

The Brenton Arboretum
Dallas Center, Iowa

Posted: Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Director of Education and Outreach

The Brenton Arboretum 

Reports to: Executive Director  of the  Brenton  Arboretum
Job Summary:
The Director  of ducation and Outreach is a full-time opportunity for a dedicated, out-going individual who is responsible for  all educational programs,  membership, volunteers and communications at the  Brenton  Arboretum.
Work Environment:
The Brenton  Arboretum is a 140 acre  public place with over 2,200 accessioned trees and shrubs surrounded by a beautiful  natural setting of native prairie, wetlands, lakes and streams, bridges and trails. The arboretum conveys the importance of woody  plants by being a place of education, research, conservation and quiet enjoyment.
Primary Functions:
Create, coordinate and promote educational classes  for all ages. Reach out to educators, childcare providers and others to promote educational offerings for youth. Incorporate nature play principles into children's programs appropriately.
Manage and promote membership programs. Seek  out and manage volunteers.
Create, promote and manage mission-driven  events. Create opportunities to increase earned income from classes and events.
Communicate to members, visitors, staff,  board,  media outlets, strategic partners and the general public, using direct  mailings, event promotion, email list, social media outlets, newsletter, press releases, brochures, permanent and temporary signage, etc. Increase arboretum visibility through effective messaging, in both oral and written  forms.
Other unctions and Responsibilities:
  • Solicit, cultivate and acquire other funding sources, such as grants and event sponsorships
  • Promote and manage rentals
  • Manage library
  • Perform  other duties  as assigned
Qualifications and  Skills:
  • Ability to interpret the  natural world  with knowledge of plants  and animals, specifically those found at the  arboretum
  • Ability to inspire, instruct and  supervise children of all ages  in indoor and  outdoor settings
  • Ability to communicate effectively, in both  oral and  written forms, including  public speaking
  • Ability to interact  positively with arboretum members, visitors, staff  and  the general public
  • Ability to market the arboretum by promoting classes, events, membership and  by public speaking
  • Ability to interact and  communicate with educators, school personnel and volunteers
  • Ability to respond to the  needs of visitors, especially in emergency situations
  • Computer skills: MS Word, xcel, Access, lnDesign,  website updates, social  media
Candidates should send resume with cover letter to:
Lynn Kuhn xecutive Director
The  Brenton Arboretum
25141 260th Street
Dallas Center, Iowa 50063

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