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Collections Manager Agavaceae, Aloaceae and Non-Cactus Succulents
Category: Horticulture

Desert Botanical Garden
Phoenix, Arizona

Posted: Thursday, July 25, 2013

Collections Manager:
Agavacae, Aloacae, and Non-Cactus Succulents


JOB TITLE:         Collections Manager Agavaceae, Aloaceae and Non-Cactus Succulents
DEPARTMENT:     Horticulture
REPORTS TO:      Director of Horticulture
STATUS:              Full-Time; Exempt
PURPOSE OF POSITION:  The Desert Botanical Garden’s agave collection is recognized by the American Public Gardens Association as part of the National Plant Collection under the auspices of the North American Plant Collections Consortium.  As such, it is the single most important collection of agave plants held by any Garden in the nation.  The Agavaceae  and Aloaceae Collections Manager is responsible for the stewardship of this collection, including both research and display plants, in collaboration with other staff members of the Horticulture and Research Departments.  In addition, the Agavaceae and Aloaceae Collections Manager serves as the resident expert and active partner in supporting education, exhibition and event/member services in all matters related to these collections.  
Know of all major agave and aloe collections held by public gardens throughout the world, and actively communicate with colleagues at other agave and aloe -collecting institutions.
Participate in the formulation and periodic revision of the Garden’s comprehensive collection plan—especially as related to the agave and aloe family—for both scientific and display purposes.
Optimize the holdings in the agave and aloe collection, as called for by the comprehensive collections plan, including regular accessions, de-accessions, and loans.
Write best practice standards for the horticultural care of the Garden’s agave and aloe collection; actively implement those standards, or collaborate with other members of the horticulture department who are directly responsible for their implementation.
Provide in a timely manner to the Garden’s Plant Recorder all relevant information about the agave and aloe collection as deemed necessary for research and horticultural purposes.  
Participate in the planning and design of Garden exhibits that include agave and aloe specimens.
Prepare and present a formal “State of the Agave and Aloe Collection” report to the Board’s Research, Collections and Horticulture Committee once each year.
Participate in CACSS and other professional and hobbyist desert plant groups, and write frequent articles about the Garden’s agave and aloe collection for horticulture professionals and hobbyists.
Develop and teach classes in the Desert Landscaper School and other Garden programs, as assigned by the Director of Horticulture.
Provide regular tours of the agave and aloe collection for visitors and members, and actively solicit speaking engagements at conferences and workshops regarding the Garden’s agave and aloe collection. 
Assist with other functions of the department and the Garden, such as the semi-annual Plant Sale and Las Noches de las Luminarias, as assigned by the Director of Horticulture.
Train and supervise Hort-aide Volunteers involved in the care of the agave and aloe collection.   
Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Horticulture.
1. Bachelor of Science degree in horticulture, botany or related field
2. Minimum of five years of experience in the study or care of agave and aloes
3. Excellent communication skills
4. Excellent teaching skills
5. Ability to lift 60 pounds and work in extreme weather conditions  
To apply:  Please send a resume and letters of recommendation to:, or mail to: Desert Botanical Garden (attn: Kenny Zelov), 1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85008
Reasonable accommodation may be made, where necessary, to allow a qualified individual to perform essential job functions.

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