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Horticulture and Gardens Manager
Category: Horticulture

City of Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City, OK

Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2012



Interested applicants may apply online at at the Personnel Department, 420 W. Main Street, Suite 110, Oklahoma City, OK  73102, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.    Applications, with detailed resume addressing the job requirements and departmental skill preferences, will be accepted until position is filled with first consideration given to those response received prior to January 25, 2013.



This position is located in the Horticulture and Gardens Division of the Parks and Recreation Department with the City of Oklahoma City and reports directly to the Department Head.  The Horticulture and Gardens Manager serves as head of a division and is responsible for the guidance of all employees, properties, overall development, operation, maintenance, programs, and educational aspects of horticulture and gardens, including horticultural displays and related events for the enjoyment and education of the public. This includes the supervision of the activities in Administration, Building Operations, Horticulture, Gardens, and Education sections.  The duties performed require the utilization of previously acquired technical knowledge and skills.  Essential job functions include: coordinating and managing professional and technical staff activities;preparing and administering the division’s budget, goals and objectives; reviewing bid specifications submitted by contractors; monitoring operational expenditures;implementing productivity improvement measures; identifying and developing promotional opportunities for the Gardens, conservatories, and nature center; overseeing development and implementation of educational programming and preparing various monthly and weekly reports.  The Horticulture and Gardens Manager will provide overall planning and direction necessary to develop and operate field horticulture, botanical gardens, conservatories, nature center, and any offsite support facilities required.  The incumbent has frequent contact with the City Council, City Manager, committees, contractors, and general public to exchange information and to interpret departmental policies and procedures.  Administrative reviews are conducted to determine program accomplishment, effectiveness of management, and adherence to policies, directives, and instructions.



A five-point preference will be awarded on the initial scored selection process for honorably discharged veterans of the United States Armed Forces not currently employed full time by the City of Oklahoma City.  Qualified applicants must submit a copy of their DD Form 214 indicating discharge type/character of service in person, mail, or fax at 405-297-2137.



-Knowledge of and skill in applying general administrative and managerial techniques and methods.

-Knowledge of and skill in applying botanical and horticultural principles, concepts and methods.

-Knowledge of horticulture techniques and practices.

-Knowledge of marketing or promotional principles and practices.

-Knowledge of tropical and temperate horticulture.

-Knowledge of and ability to apply municipal budgetary principles and practices.

-Skill in coordinating activities of a professional and technical staff engaged in diverse activities. 

-Skill in verbal and written communication.

-Skill in supervising and coordinating the activities of varied work sections.

-Ability to develop long range plans and evaluate work accomplishments.

-Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.

-Ability to promote the use of a public events facility.

-Willingness to assume responsibility for work performed and decisions made.



-Minimum Bachelor's degree in Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Botany or a related field. .

-Horticulture and Garden experience in a public organization (e.g. City, County, Special District,


-Experience developing and maintaining public/private partnerships or experience with a park   

 conservancy or Foundation

-Minimum of five years progressive management experience



-Primarily indoors in climate controlled environment.

-Occasional local travel or out-of-town travel.

-Occasionally required to work hours beyond normal scheduled work week.



-Near vision enough to read a video display terminal and draft communications such as written     or machine generated documents, reports, etc.

-Hearing and speech enough to communicate by telephone or face-to-face.

-Manual and finger dexterity enough to operate equipment such as computer keyboards, etc.



Vacation                                        96 hours per year

Sick Leave                                    130 hours per year

Holidays                                        10 regular holidays per year

Injury Insurance                            Effective day of employment

Retirement                                    Jointly paid by the City and employee

Credit Union                                 Full banking services

Life Insurance                               City provides $10,000 term coverage; optional, supplemental

                                                            and dependent coverage available at low rates

Health Insurance or Health           Plans are available for employee and dependent coverage

     Maintenance Organization

Dental Insurance                           Dental plan options are available for employee and dependent coverage at reasonable rates

Disability Plan                               City pays 60% of pre-disability income

Compensation                               Employees are required to receive pay electronically – either direct deposit or paycard

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