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Youth Programs Developer
Category: Education

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
Richmond, VA

Posted: Friday, December 7, 2012


Job Summary:  This teaching position aids in the fulfillment of the Garden’s education mission by participating in the development, administration and implementation of innovative programs for all visitors; presents plant-based programs to learners of all ages;takes leadership for developing authentic opportunities for youth to learn and practice their communication, leadership, entrepreneurial, horticulture and employment skills; develops and coordinates workforce development and career training programs to meet the needs and interests of youth of various ages (13 – 21), abilities, and educational background; provides Children’s Garden management as scheduled. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Embraces the Garden’s educational mission and is committed to providing an excellent interactive guest experience.
  • Researches and develops work force development and career training programsthat provide youth authentic opportunities to learn and practice their communication, leadership, horticulture, entrepreneurship, community involvement and employment skills.
  • Develops and coordinates education and workforce development and career training to meet the needs and interests of youth of various ages, abilities, and educational background.
  • Implements short and long term goals incorporating specific objectives and priorities to assist youth in enhancing their leadership development, personal and career development, self-awareness, self-image and employment skills.
  • Recruits, trains and sets expectations for youth.
  • Monitors and evaluates youth performance and evaluates student input for future program enhancement.
  • Supports the fulfillment of grant-funded programs through efficient allocation of staff and program resources.
  • Monitors the program budget and provides quantitative and qualitative measures for evaluating and accessing impact of program.
  • Stays informed of local and statewide youth gardening programs and workforce development initiatives.
  • Expands community awareness of LGBG resources for youth.
  • Serves as key liaison for between LGBG and local and state agencies that specialize in youth programs and workforce development initiatives.
  • Supports the development of marketing and promotional materials related to the Children’s Garden through calendar listings, website updates, blog posts and social media; provides promotional copy and program descriptions to schools, community organizations, and special interest groups.
  • Aids in the development of all educational programs for pre-school and elementary school students, including summer camp programs, family workshops, special interest programming (such as outreach programs, after school programs, scouts, birthday parties), teacher workshops and programs that relate to permanent and changing exhibits.
  • Teaches formal and informal programs daily for groups of children and/or families.
  • Serves as manager on duty for the Children’s Garden as scheduled (includes nights and weekends).
  • Aids in the daily operation of the Children’s Garden, including logistics, staffing, and registration practices of all group programs.
  • Works with education staff and volunteers in preparing and presenting programs; ensures that all necessary supplies are in stock for all programs.
  • Ensures that guests’ fundamental needs for safety, security, and comfort are met at all times in the Children’s Garden.
  • Assists with horticultural maintenance within the Children’s Garden.
  • Other duties as assigned, including team projects and special events.



Demonstrated knowledge of formal and informal education principles is required.  Prior teaching of children and young adults is required.  Demonstrated understanding of the design and delivery of high-quality, interactive educational programming for children/adults is required.  Prior experience in a botanical garden or museum setting is preferred but not necessary. 

Energetic, personable, self-motivated with an ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels; able to manage goals and productivity; a strong team orientation; innovative and creative.  Must be willing and able to work nights and weekends.



Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communications skills are required.  Strong PC skills and detail-orientation are preferred (Volgistics, VISTA, Creative Suite, or similar software knowledge is helpful).



Bachelor’s degree in education, horticulture, environmental sciences, botany, biology, agriculture, or related field is required; horticulture therapy certificate helpful; some combination of education and relevant experience will be considered.



Eachemployee of Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden -

·         Must comply with provisions of the current Employee Handbook, all published personnel policies and the requirements of their individual job descriptions.

·         Must perform all duties in a manner consistent with a public garden serving multi-generational families, and in accordance with directed practices and procedures.

·         Must be aware of surroundings, and vigilant to any possible threat to the safety of visitors, volunteers, and staff or to their property.  Ensures all concerns are reported promptly.

·         Must report all mishaps, injuries and incidents immediately and ultimately in writing to supervisor(s) and to the Executive Director.

·         Willingly and cheerfully integrates work of department with the efforts of other departments (horticulture, operations, volunteers, facility rental, public relations, development and security)

·         Ensures compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.

·         Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor(s).




Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden ◊ 1800 Lakeside Avenue ◊ Richmond, VA 23228 ◊ 804-262-9887

Our mission is education; our passion is connecting plants and people

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